Nano Era

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Nano Era

It’s been a while here. The past month was wild and very eventful. We didn’t have the Zen of the Month Program though, but overall, the month was great. August has been on a low but then, something must come out of the blue and make it boom. Yeah, it’s the Nano Era and they are the newest students in the Academy.

Zen is the collective name for all the students in the Academy and prior to their admission, we’ve had two sets. Ghost Zens being the first and Pico Zens the latter. Giving out names to each set isn’t as easy as it looks but since it is a tech environment setting, ideas will definitely come. For the news students, they are called Nano Zens.

The first impression was good, ever ready to learn. They look calm and eager to know what we have in store for them. By the way, they are yet to be used to the cut and shoot shortcuts I used for the Pico Zens. lol. I know it took Pico Zens some time to be adjusted to the shortcuts but atleast, I wasn’t being forced to lock the group then. Nevertheless, they have been great over the past two lectures.

On the teaching format for them, it’s definitely going to be different from the past two formats. We are going to have practice nights , something Pico Zens are now having to deal with in their CSS course. I don’t want to assume that they are very comfortable with the lectures because we all know some people are timid and they would not to speak when something goes wrong. The practice night is aimed at revealing the strengths and weaknesses.The course is expected to be over in a month and if they do well in this unit, they should be able to

‌Insert a graphic within a web page.

‌Create a link within a web page.

‌Create a table within a page.

‌Insert heading levels wthin a page.

‌Insert ordered and unordered lists within a page.

‌Use Cascading Style Sheets.

‌Create a web page.

‌Validate a web page.

‌Publish a page.

The last one of the list being “Publish a page” deals with the final project week as they will learn how to publish a page online either by the purchase of paidhost or settling for a free host.

Concluding, I just want the students to know this Academy has everything for them to become a top web developer on years time. Here at OPH Code Academy, our well-experienced set of digital facilitators help set the global standard of excellence during our training. Deeply engaged in programming and facilitating, our facilitators topple conventional walls between fields in the push for deeper understanding and fresh ideas.

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