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WP Advanced Webinar : What to Expect

After the successful completion of the first webinar , the advanced class is here and it promises to be fun!!. Yeah, no afternoon classes this time around, night night night.

Like i said, it’s going to be fun . We’ll be building three standard and professional websites together in the span of 7 days. Cool, isn’t it?

Things to Expect

  • Opportunity to learn under a paid environment
  • Use of page editors
  • Getting to work with importing demos
  • SEO Optimization
  • Website Monetization
  • Learning about Security and Branding
  • Building of 3 standard and professional websites (A Blog, Business and Portfolio Website)

Work Plan (July 22nd – 28th)

  • Day1 (Wednesday) : Purchase of host+doamin @…20:00
  • Day2 (Thursday) : Installation and Set-up of WordPress…20:00
  • Day3 (Friday) : Blog…20:00
  • Day4 (Saturday) : Business…20:00
  • Day6 (Sunday) : Portfolio…20:00
  • Day5 (Monday) : SEO Optimization…20:00
  • Day7 (Tuesday) : Website Monetization…16:00
  • Day7 Extra (Tuesday) : Security and Branding…20:00

Sit back and get prepared. Keep the schedule close and make sure you do not miss a singe class!

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